Two-Fisted Robot by Calamity Jon Morris

Rob MacDougall is Wendigo University’s* Ignatius L. Donnelly Professor* of Old Weird American, Secret Canadian, Gilded Age, Digital, Geek, Gaming, Big, Alternate, and Two-Fisted History.*
*Not really.

The People’s Network
My new book, The People’s Network, tells the story of the telephone in the United States and Canada before the triumph of the Bell System: the rise and fall of the independent telephone movement and its forgotten struggle for a more democratic communications regime.

The Wire Devils
The Wire Devils is a classic pulp adventure novel by Frank L. Packard. Originally published in 1918, it’s a high-tech thriller from when the railroad, telegraph, and telephone were new. The University of Minnesota Press has just published a new edition with a historical introduction by me.

Tecumseh Lies Here
Tecumseh Lies Here is an augmented reality or alternate reality game (ARG) designed to teach critical historical thinking and explore the history of the War of 1812. Over 150 elementary school students and others played the most recent iteration of Tecumseh Lies Here.

My long-running blog, Old is the New New, has been awfully quiet lately. But I’m sure all those posts are around here somewhere.