Game On

OK. Let’s get this party started.

First weblog entries are weird: you want to say something significant or important, but you can be pretty certain nobody is going to read it. (That’s true of all blog entries, of course, but even more so of your very first.) But you don’t want to be too grandiose, because (if you’re me, anyway), there’s a very good chance you will (that is: I will) only bother to keep the blog running for about a week before getting distracted, and there’s something very hurting about a orphaned blog that opens with a lot of big fanfare and then dies, leaving this miserable little digital cobweb hanging in cyberspace. So our motto for starting out = LOW EXPECTATIONS, baby. Nobody gets hurt.

I had a Blogger powered weblog for a while. I used it mainly for riffs on history stuff I was reading, but I don’t think anyone was really reading it but me (was the world not ready for a weblog about 19th century patent medicines?).

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