Pile of Coats

I’m experiencing election-related angst today. If it all shakes out the way I fear it will, I may have to spend the next four years in Canada, or hiding under a pile of coats. I wonder if I’d feel any different if I could vote. I did give some money to the good guys, which made me feel better about my place in the world for a few seconds—par for the course for most consumer transactions. If Jaffe & Jaffe only existed, I’d be calling for an appointment as we speak.

Here’s the New Yorker‘s endorsement of Kerry. (The New Yorker endorsed Kerry? Shocking, I know.)

Kerry’s performance on the stump has been uneven, and his public groping for a firm explanation of his position on Iraq was discouraging to behold. He can be cautious to a fault, overeager to acknowledge every angle of an issue; and his reluctance to expose the Administration’s appalling record bluntly and relentlessly until very late in the race was a missed opportunity. But when his foes sought to destroy him rather than to debate him they found no scandals and no evidence of bad faith in his past. In the face of infuriating and scurrilous calumnies, he kept the sort of cool that the thin-skinned and painfully insecure incumbent cannot even feign during the unprogrammed give-and-take of an electoral debate.

…While Bush has pandered relentlessly to the narrowest urges of his base, Kerry has sought to appeal broadly to the American center. In a time of primitive partisanship, he has exhibited a fundamentally undogmatic temperament. In campaigning for America’s mainstream restoration, Kerry has insisted that this election ought to be decided on the urgent issues of our moment, the issues that will define American life for the coming half century. That insistence is a measure of his character. He is plainly the better choice. As observers, reporters, and commentators we will hold him to the highest standards of honesty and performance. For now, as citizens, we hope for his victory.

Not just citizens.

Edit: My buddy Bryant managed to cheer me up later in the day, with a little help from blogger-pundit Al Giordano, a cute toddler on the steps of Memorial Church, and the rays of Earth’s yellow sun.