A few weeks ago, I got a very flattering plug and a bunch of new traffic from Cliopatria, a group blog of historians hosted by the History News Network. Now I can announce that they have very kindly invited me to join them in blogging there. I’m pleased and flattered to come on board, as I’ve been reading and admiring both Cliopatria and the individual blogs of many of its members for some time. I hope I will find things to talk about at Cliopatria. As a young and not yet securely-employed historian, I’m reluctant to charge into fierce name-naming debates about the historical profession, but my thoughts on history in the abstract may find a home on that blog as well as this one. For instance, right now I’m trying to decide if the post I just made about Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter versus Canada is too snarky and petulant for Cliopatria’s wider audience. Peanut gallery?

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  1. Tough call. I enjoyed it immensely (though I did notice a (/sarcasm) tag without a matching (sarcasm) tag; yes, I’m neurotic, why do you ask?), and it’s a perfectly good commentary on world discourses. But we’ve been Coulter-free on Cliopatria for a while now…. Well, I guess it can’t last forever, can it? Actually, I don’t think we’d roll over Canada any more than we’ve rolled over Iraq: lots of inhospitable territories and independent minded folks who’d be a real bother to put down. The Quebequois insurgency alone….

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