Canada Recycles

The move continues: we’ve made it safely to Canada, although most of our stuff has not. No slaves to material possessions, we’re celebrating the 1st of July / 4th of July weekend in the land of sporadic internet access. I’ll log on long enough to recycle some more old junk from my LiveJournal. Never let it be said this weblog is not environmentally responsible.

In hono(u)r of Canada Day, some alternate history silliness I wrote in 2003:

Undead or Canadian? Not really an alternate history; just Inuit legend crossed with my Grade 8 civics textbook and Dawn of the Dead.

Dominion Day. Southern victory in the Civil War precipitates the rise of a fascist Super-Canada. The only one of these alternates not to cheat by using aliens or black magic yet still possibly the most preposterous.

Things Americans Don’t Know. The most popular of my alternate Canadas: what if the UFO crash at Roswell happened three days earlier and 1500 miles north?

The Northern Magus. Sex, drugs, and Pierre Trudeau.

The Secret History of Flin Flon, Manitoba. Not an alternate history, and not the fifth alternate Canada I still owe my LJ readers. But a crazy true Canadian history story about the remote Manitoba town my mother was born in.

And, in hono(u)r of my wedding anniversary (which was Wednesday), romantic mushiness from 2003 and 2004. Awwww.