History Carnival XXIII

The Public are respectfully informed that
The Much Anticipated
has Returned!
with an Exhibition of
Demonstrations of the Art of

Welcome back to the History Carnival. Our ringleader Sharon Howard gave the carnies New Year’s off, so this plus-size edition does double duty, covering an entire month of historical blogging. Many thanks to all those who sent in suggestions–and only slightly less enthusiastic thanks to those who sent in big heaps of suggestions in the last few hours before the deadline. There’s lots here, and even so, I’m leaving plenty out. I apologize to anyone and everyone I missed or didn’t use. The history blogiverse is growing so fast, and there’s so much good stuff out there. I can’t claim to have seen more than a fraction of it all. Read more


Some Pig

Tags: Amish computing, the Ralphies, Senator McCarthy and me.

I’m surprised and happy to report that I have recently won two flattering awards! First, Turk 182, a post I wrote here almost exactly one year ago, won a Cliopatria Award for “Best Post.”

Rob MacDougall’s ‘Turk 182’ brilliantly traversed time and genres to illuminate the abiding fascination with Automata. His use of varied sources, erudition and clear affection for the subject-matter highlights it as the best post of the year.

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