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Tags: Baby, baby, baby. (Just one baby, but it bears repeating.)

I don’t normally post much real life personal stuff on this weblog, but this is an event of Great Historical Import: Please meet my daughter Yuki, born yesterday morning and shown here at about 30 minutes of age, looking dubious about the whole proposition. As I might have mentioned on my other weblog and in a whole bunch of emails, she is perfect and healthy and beautiful and awesome and so is her mother.

Do I know you?'

If you’re holding your breath for my reply to Cliopatria’s symposium on transnational history or the sequel to my Superman post (tentatively titled Superman II: What’s the (Anti) Matter With Kansas?*)–not a wise tactic at the best of times given my blogging habits–I’d advise you to take in some air. I have a lot of gazing in awe at this little one to do. (It’s like checking my email, only fulfilling!)

* Yeah, I know that title needs work.


  1. Many congratulations, of course. One word of caution based on our own experience: once they start moving, there is no such thing as “permanent babyproofing”….

  2. Congratulations and enjoy your new addition to the family. And welcome to the ranks of the even-more-sleep-deprived we like to call professor-parents.

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