Vows and a Vacation

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Contain your grief: Old is the New New is going on vacation for July and August. Keep checking in, though (or subscribe to my RSS feed), as I have plans for a change of pace here next month. In fact, there may end up being much more content on the page than you’re used to, but it will be something different, something much more summer vacation-y than our standard edifying fare. If I have anything more historical to post in the rest of the summer (hey, it could happen!), I’ll post it at Cliopatria, which never goes on no vacation nohow. The Old is the New New that dozens of you know and love will be back in September, dropping history like Galileo dropped the orange.

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Superman Returns

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Now he's just showing off.

I. It’s Superman!

When I wrote about Superman’s secret origins back in Smarch, I mentioned I’d just read two surprisingly non-terrible books about him. I talked at length about Gerard Jones’ Men of Tomorrow. The other book was Tom De Haven’s novel It’s Superman! I assume there are any number of Superman “novelizations” out there, not to mention “graphic novels” (which are neither novels nor, in Superman’s case, particularly graphic–discuss). But It’s Superman! is meant to be an actual novel for grown-ups, or at least Gen-X men. It has a real live author, a loose regard for continuity*, a snappy Chris Ware cover, and no Charles Atlas ads in sight. Read more