Calvert 'Larry 'Bud' Melman' DeForest, RIP

I need to play with the template of this blog so I can elegantly post quick little one-line links to things that amuse me, a la the New New sidebar on the old Old is the New New. Then I can resume linking to things like these:

  • I have to admit I thought Twitter was a pretty stupid idea until I saw this, which almost makes living in the future worthwhile.
  • Edit: Taxipunk is the new Clockpunk is the new steampunk. (“You can now create new subgenres of speculative fiction by simply putting “punk” after anything… Taxipunk delves into the sociopolitical ramifications of taxicabs existing in places and times that, in actual history, did not benefit from taxicabs.)
  • Calvert “Larry “Bud” Melman” DeForest is dead, alas.
  • But did you ever think to ask why Fonzie jumped that shark?
  • Confidential to Planetary readers: a mathematician in Maryland appears to have mapped the Snowflake.

Oh, right: those papers I was grading.


Secure Your Own Mask First

Jen Wang's Dance of the Flight Attendants

This has gotten around a bit, but it is cute and even a little mesmerizing: illustrator Jen Wang‘s Pre-Flight Safety Dance. I can’t draw like Ms. Wang, but this makes me want to do one for the ritualized dance steps in my own life, like changing a diaper or gesticulating wildly to illuminate some aspect of American history. What other found choreography could we illustrate in this way?

1960s Stewardesses

For silver age stewardess objectification instead, see here and here.


Massively Multiplayer On The Line

One of several “forgotten” communication and entertainment media lovingly “restored” to working order (there’s even a bunch of movies) at the Museum of Lost Interactions in Dundee:

The Richaphone, ca 1900

The Richophone was a multi-player based game found in prestigious hotels and cafes in and around London in 1900. The game was played from special Richophone booths, where players connected to the game through a system of telephones. The prizes to be won were very generous.