Massively Multiplayer On The Line

One of several “forgotten” communication and entertainment media lovingly “restored” to working order (there’s even a bunch of movies) at the Museum of Lost Interactions in Dundee:

The Richaphone, ca 1900

The Richophone was a multi-player based game found in prestigious hotels and cafes in and around London in 1900. The game was played from special Richophone booths, where players connected to the game through a system of telephones. The prizes to be won were very generous.


  1. You know, I should give the Ronell book another chance. I came upon it while writing my dissertation and only waded a little ways in to the post-modernism before deciding “My advisors don’t want me citing this” and putting it down.

  2. Yeah, she lays it on thick in that book, clearly imitating Derrida’s post cards book, but she has some awesome ideas when you get down to them. I don’t know why so many folks into theory think they have to write like their favorite theorists–it’s like Primus saying, we could bring speed funk and Rush together and create something new, but we’d better not….

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