Robox ’71

Trick-or-treater in awesome robot costume, ca. 1971

Totally awesome kid trick-or-treating in totally awesome robox costume, ca. 1971. From Bill Owens, Suburbia. (Bill Owens’ site)


“Enviro-friendly hero Robox faced with redemption human, is huge but flawed robot with human soul and manmade insecurities plus cardboard and spare parts.” From Kaiju Big Battel, ca. 2002.

No reason. I just like robots.


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  2. I decided that I won’t blog this photo b/c my daughter’s in it, but I thought you’d appreciate the Cardboard Origami Robotto Installation at the Mediatheque building in Sendai, Japan, depicted in it! Now do you see why I mentioned your doing a Fulbright in Japan on MH?

  3. Sean: Sweet! Yoinked for LJ icon purposes.

    Bruce: SO CUTE! And the kids are cute too. 🙂

  4. Regina: That is fantastic! All robots should have beards and slightly too short brown slacks.

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