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Jen Wang's Dance of the Flight Attendants

This has gotten around a bit, but it is cute and even a little mesmerizing: illustrator Jen Wang‘s Pre-Flight Safety Dance. I can’t draw like Ms. Wang, but this makes me want to do one for the ritualized dance steps in my own life, like changing a diaper or gesticulating wildly to illuminate some aspect of American history. What other found choreography could we illustrate in this way?

1960s Stewardesses

For silver age stewardess objectification instead, see here and here.


  1. I could totally do one for stripping and re-bedding a barn stall! The re-bedding itself can be an art form! There are several ways to do it – you can put the shavings bag in the middle in the stall, then reach in and toss handfuls around until there’s a light covering. You can rest the bag on your shoulder, and walk around the stall, using your opposite hand to flick the shavings from the bag onto the floor. Or, if it’s the super-compressed kind, you can pull out a big chunk, and walk around, shaking it out to get even coverage.

    All of those would be great drawn out like that! If I could draw, I’d give it a try, but I can’t. But I can re-bed a stall like nobody’s business!

  2. I dunno, the pre-flight safety dance is pretty sexy, imo.

    I went and saw the whole thing and read the comments, but no one else commented that, so maybe I am alone in this.

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