Steampunk Star Wars

Neato Mosquito: A series of portraits reimagining the Star Wars saga in the steampunk idiom.

Steampunk Darth Vader

Lord Vader is a master with the traditional weapon of Force champions, the Phlogisticated Aether Torch, more commonly referred to as the phlogisabre.

For those just joining us: yes, this is nifty, but is it as nifty as Star Wars, the singing cowboy radio serial?

[Edit: Recently Boing Boinged and probably linked to on every other blog you read by now.] [Edit Edit: Please see also: Baroque Star Wars, Mars Attacked!, my buddy Chris’ Steampunk Star Wars RPG, and/or this collection of Star Wars related posts.] [Edit Edit Edit: The great webcomic Nobody Scores asks, “Does steampunk make everything cool?” You decide.]


  1. Heh, I was gonna email this to you. But like you I found it through Boing Boing, so I figured you’d see it there too.

    I’m wondering now how all the characters in Star Wars would look as steampunk.

    Actually, I think the Transformers would be pretty cool in steampunk. And everyone who works at CHNM.

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