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He's the Jedi, I'm the Wookiee.

Today, or this week at least, Star Wars turns 30: it’s the anniversary of the opening of the movie we’ve been retroactively instructed to call Episode IV: A New Hope. Word has gone out on the global sub-neural geek-net that we are to blog about Star Wars today. Indeed, The Constructivist cajoled me for a guest post on the subject at Mostly Harmless. While T.C.’s a fine fellow who somehow manages to maintain half a dozen worthwhile blogs, I’m not feeling the Lucas today. For one thing, this week is also the 2nd anniversary of Revenge of the Sith, the 5th anniversary of Attack of the Clones, and the 8th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, considerably more dubious occasions. And for another, isn’t every day kind of “blog about Star Wars” day?

But I’m not above recycling some old SW-content from my archives. There is, of course, the classic Alec Guinness story, from which the tag at the top of this entry comes:

The bad penny dropped in San Francisco when a sweet-faced boy of twelve told me that he had seen Star Wars over a hundred times. … Looking into the boy’s eyes I thought I detected little star-shells of madness beginning to form and I guessed that one day they would explode. [read more]

And, in a similar vein, Matthew Baldwin‘s Darth Vader Made Me Cry:

As we walked away I was filled with combination of terror, relief, and exhilaration. … I immediately began to proactively gloat, thinking about how jealous my friends would be when I showed them Darth Vader’s autograph. But then, just before I closed the cover, I noticed something else… [read more] [expanded special edition]

And my buddy Chris has made great pseudo-historical stew out of the Steampunk Star Wars meme:

When the French Revolution began in 1789, the Jedi were slow to respond. … While the Order bickered and debated how to respond, Napoleon Bonaparte quickly rose to power by manipulating a dispute with the British over a trade embargo on the French colony of Naboo on Ganymede. When he unveilled his “Armée grande de la République,” which was composed of soldiers made from re-animated corpses, there was great concern within the Jedi Council over the properness of backing such a method. But unbeknownst to the rest of the Council, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order was squarely in Napoleon’s pocket and he compelled the Order to support the Solar Republic in their gruesome war against the British Empire and their Automaton armies.

I still think it ought to have been (p)remade as a singing cowboy serial with Gene Autry.

Edit: That’s no moon! Check out the giant collection of links at Edward Copeland’s fully operational Star Wars blog-a-thon. Also, the T-Critic (yes, I read blogs about t-shirts, doesn’t everybody?) lists his Top Ten Star Wars T-shirts (and then some).


  1. Um, I contribute to WAAGNFNP, too, which normally I wouldn’t mention, but given I’m weeks behind in my latest and the MOJ has agreed to cross-post my non-existent Star Wars piece in lieu of it, I thought I’d better plug them here. Oaktown Girl, if you’re reading this, curses! (Almost done!)

  2. Chris: I do indeed smell what you are cooking.

    TC: I knew I’d forget one! I could say it’s because the WAAGNFNP confuses and frightens me, but actually I just used your blogspot profile for quick reference and WAAGNFNP didn’t show up there. How clever of me to leave the “a” in “half a dozen blogs” un-linked for just such an eventuality. Link added, though it’s very small, so here’s a bigger one: The We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party, whatever that means.

    Kyle: Bonk! I are stupid. Corrected.

  3. Oaktown Girl, if you’re reading this, curses!

    TC, there is nowhere you can hide from the long arm of the Ministry of Justice. And now because you’ve irked the me, (never a good idea), you’ve been given a new writing assignment. Get to crackin’!

    And Greetings to you, Rob! I thank TC for allowing me the pleasure of your acquaintance. Please do come visit us at the WAAGNFNP. Nothing confusing or frightening about us…usually. I think you will especially enjoy our two most recent post – simply paradise for booklovers and Sci fi fans, all weekend long! So fear not, it’s a safe place to get your “geek” on.

    Adorable photo, by the way. (I mean that sincerely). I just want to reach out and pinch Chewbacca’s cheeks!

    (No preview to check my very shakey html skills – scary stuff. Apologies in advance if it all comes out FUBAR).

    Oaktown Girl
    Minister of Justice

  4. BTW, don’t believe the MOJ’s hype. She acts all tough, but she’s a fantastic editor. I actually like the new essay I wrote for the Party coming out Monday, even if her critiques of the rerun-o-rama one I did (sniff!) [wipes tear] bruised my sensitive writer’s heart…. I may even have invented a new genre (or at least a fancy name for an old one): otaku autoethnography.

  5. TC: The Star Wars post at Mostly Harmless is great and the one at WAAGNWTFLOLBBQ is even better. But I still don’t understand what We Are All Giant Fireball is, let alone why it has an editor (blogs have editors?!?) or a Minister of Justice.

    OG: Thanks. Chewbacca’s cheeks are in fact mine – that’s a picture of me and my grad school housemates. I had more hair then.

  6. Well, the whole waagnfnp thing started back on Le Blogue Berube and when he stopped blogging at his place the regular commenters there decided to hang out together at a new place. I give a little history of it in my Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum post there, for those with no inclination to read the last three months of Berube’s blog, comments included, to catch up on the full story. But the point of the site now is to broaden the community, so we’re keeping in-jokes to a minimum and just trying to make it a fun place to hang out for anyone. Many of our most active contributors and commenters are free of LBB experience, so I think it’s working….

  7. Oh, and no one else needs an editor at the place. I just have a tendency to include jokes whose elaborately allusive nature is only exceeded by their badness and the time it takes to set them up. Case in point: it wasn’t enough to do a Comic Book Guy send-up in my title, in the original my opening paragraphs moved from a variation on that conceit to plugging my LPGA blogging, which is itself ana allusion to what Party Chairman-for-Life officially pronounced to be LPGA concern trolling at Pandagon (after putting up with it for months at his blog). In other words, you have to be a regular reader of comments at three blogs to get my bad joke. Deserved to be cut, but I give myself points for trying it, especially because I had one running joke embedded on the labels on my links that only two other people in the world could possibly get.

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