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The History News Network, purveyor of quality online history and history-related accessories, has a bi-weekly feature called Top Young Historians, which profiles “interesting scholars who are making their mark on the profession.” I cannot tell a lie: years ago, in my own callow youth, I sometimes raised an eyebrow at HNN’s definition of “young.” Today, however, it is their definition of “top” that seems all too generous: they’ve picked me as their latest “top” “young” historian. Thank you, HNN. I’m pleased, flattered, and not at all sure I belong in such company.


  1. Wow, congrats.

    Though I’d still be quibbling about the young bit if I was you.

  2. Congratulations! You know Dixon and I voted for you, like, a million times – but then, I bet you didn’t know we were members of the Academy, did you?

  3. Zowie! You rock! Congratulations! *throwing horns*

    In 2004 I referred to you in print as “the hippest historian Harvard ever produced”. Sorry it took everyone else so long to clue in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although I did have to laff at the supporting documentation from “Anonymous Students”, three of which are from (easiness rating, 2.7 – tsk!). I suppose if blogs get to be quoted in news sources, what the hell!

  4. I want you to start your acceptance speech with the line “Blood Alone Moves the Wheels of History!” and then at some point scream “We Are Warriors” Dwight Schrute-style… Nice job KF!!!

  5. Sean: Larf. I can totally see you doing that. But I could have sworn you & Chris were kicked out of the Academy.

    Dr. K: I guess they were scraping the barrel looking for plaudits about me. For most of the other (read: “qualified”) Top Young Historian entries they use blurbs about their award winning books. (Awkward cough.) Also: Curse you! I’d managed to get through 2 years of teaching without checking or even thinking about Rate My Professor. I don’t understand the easiness rating: are high numbers easy or hard? And which is good? And most importantly, where are my chili peppers?

    Mr. B: I model all my lectures on Dwight Schrute. “Question: Which bear is best?” (See also: )

    Everybody: Thanks!

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