1. It’s a fun article, although I think the premise is kind of flawed. (Overly serious thinking about deeply silly pop media alert).

    Basically he thinks the animated movie is better because it has narrative/dramatic elements that build from and subvert the series he and all the other fans had been watching up till then. Yeah, killing off the established leader of the Autobots is daring, because you’ve had a whole cartoon series to establish him as the leader for viewers. But Bay is telling the introduction/origin story. All this passing-the-torch-it’s-a-whole-new-era-
    where-do-we-go-from-here stuff is the kind of story Bay can maybe try to tell in Transformers 3 or 5 or whatever.

  2. I actually haven’t seen either, so I’ll take your word for it. But it is true, isn’t it, that the 1986 Transformers movie is pretty highly regarded by geeks of a certain age? That it was for some reason better than it had a right to be, better than, say, any equivalent GI Joe or Thundercats or Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy ChocoBot Hour movie from the same era?

    One of my fellow fellows from my year at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences was a great guy named H—-. He was (is?) just in his 20s and looked to be about 15, and was at the same time astonishingly smart and incredibly nice and mellow. Anyway, I remember one time all us keen young PhDs were naming our favorite movies and H—-, this guy with all this amazing intellectual cred (ie, he got a tenure track job at Yale before he was even done his PhD at Berkeley), insisted that Transformers: The Movie was the best movie ever made.

  3. It depends on the geek you talk to. For some, yeah. Big epic plot, better animation quality than the TV series, kickass, more violent than possible in the TV series fight between Prime and Megatron, cheesy/awesome 80’s metal soundtrack.

    On the other hand, it’s the movie where Prime is killed off and replaced by what most sad Transformer geeks consider to be a far inferior character. It’s the movie designed to sell a new generation of toys mostly by killing off 3/4 of the cast Transformers fans loved.

    Of course, your friend is crazy, as the best movie ever made is Flash Gordon.

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