Kugelmass and the Pit

The cranky, brilliant, inscrutable Kugelmass on 21st century pickup artists, the game of go, Dale Carnegie, self-help books, reality shows, the Protestant work ethic and the death of leisure, Mad Men, Superbad, The Catcher in the Rye, sex, Slavoj Zizek (whom I know nothing about outside of long rambly Valve-esque posts like this one), “Rule Girls,” why twee and emo are the future of romantic honesty, the history of the film trailer, Peter Guralnick’s Elvis, and whether society has learned anything from Hitch. Tell me again why blog posts are supposed to be short?


  1. Blog posts are supposed to be short because if I can’t read through them in 10-15 minutes I feel like I should print them out and go over them with colored markers.

  2. You know, one never sets out intending to be inscrutable.

    Thanks for the comment and the link! Made my day to read it. I don’t know that Zizek has to be read, but I got a lot out of Tarrying With The Negative.

  3. You’re very welcome. I’m a fan, in case that wasn’t clear.

    I know, nobody plans to be inscrutable. Lord knows I don’t. The best we can hope for is “interscrutability,” I suppose.

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