1. I would pay good, solid, American dollars to see Uwe Boll make a “Mastermind” movie.

  2. I’d pay for that in good Canadian dollars!

    Not only did we have “Mastermind” growing up (still not sure how to play it…), we also had “Duell” growing up. I always wanted to play it in full Victorian regalia in the midst of a forest – it’s as close to a samurai movie as I’ll probably get.


  3. There’s something a little tragic about your comment, Rollen: would nobody play Mastermind with you? It’s not actually that hard to pick up. Which, given the name, is ironic!

  4. Fair point on the tragedy – I don’t believe we had the rules. Or I couldn’t convince my siblings to abide by the rules. Whatever it was, I can only remember coloured pegs and a board but nothing of rules.

    The moral of the story: make sure that your family has the rules and plays by them.

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