The Emperor's New Layout

If you’re reading this in your RSS reader, you won’t yet have noticed that Old is the New New has a keen new layout, with three columns, larger print, and a candelabra-carrying robot. We believe it is, as the tots say, the schnitzel.

Old is the New New 3.0 marks the happy return of our sideblog, “The New New,” with its interweb links to confound and bemuse–but thanks to the magic of, um, computers, the sideblog posts will also appear in my main RSS feed for those too enervated to actually visit this site. The new layout also features a quaint “subscribe by email” feature. This will be handy for that vanishingly small fraction of you savvy enough to read this blog, but not so with it as to employ an RSS aggregator. Surely you’ve realized that clicking here every twelve minutes to see if I’ve posted anything new is a mug’s game? Sign up for an email notice every time I post and you can go for months without troubling yourself to think of me at all.

Finally, the new new Old is the New New features a old-timey blogroll (just like 2003!) in the right sidebar under “Corky Chums.” Would you like to be a part of it? At the moment it is woefully underpopulated. I’ll be adding several of my favorite blogs soon, with no quid pro quo expected. But if you’re the sort of blog my eight readers would hypothetically enjoy, and if you think I ought to be linking to you, and especially if you’re already linking to me (the surest way to demonstrate your discriminating taste), feel free to drop me a comment or an email. I understand static blogrolls are no longer as significant as they once were in determining search engine rankings, but I’m still happy to share the link love and get love in return.


  1. Nice!

    You are of course (well, now) in my blogroll. I’ve been lame about reconstructing it on the new site.

  2. Spiffy new digs! Me like.

    Where’s the robot from? He has a ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ vibe to him.

  3. Thanks, all!

    Chris & John, I was thinking of having a contest to see who could identify the Menorahbot, but if neither of you two got it, I think odds are I’ll be waiting a while for the correct answer. He’s from the Hellboy spinoff BPRD, one of several Victorian-era cyborgs (so, not technically robots – there are wizened up occultists inside) that menaced Abe Sapien in the recent (not especially good) “Garden of Souls” storyline.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now on RSS. I dig the new template! Very snazzy. I think you’re on my blogroll, so if you want to add me to yours that would be fine…though I’m more of an “academic life” blog than a strictly “academic” blog.

  5. This is a great new old paper design; too bad that as a reader on RSS I won’t see it every 12 minutes.

  6. Well, in addition to CitizenSE (and Mostly Harmless, unless you are sick of the LPGA blogging thing), I would suggest you quickly add the WAAGNFNP, since it’s better to have Gojira as a chum than otherwise.

    And hey, I’ve learned through many many fruitless and bitter repetitions to check here every 1200 minutes. Don’t make me go up another order of magnitude!

  7. CitizenSE was already on the blogroll – but as you’ve discovered, only a random selection from the blogroll is displayed at one time.

    I will add the WAAGNFNP as soon as I figure out how to describe it in one sentence!

  8. Oh, I think I’ll stop the .12 minutes thing, then! Now it’s even funnier that the right random iteration happened right then. How about “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” for the WAAGNFNP? Or better yet, some throwaway line from “Neutron Dance”!

  9. You have a fine eye for fonts, my friend. It’s Billhead, by Letterhead Fonts. Not free, I’m afraid, but I like it a lot. I also learned from their site how to do that etched clouds effect.

  10. Professor McD,

    Killer new design! I never would have pegged you for a BPRD fan, thats awesome. I got the chance to meet mike mignola at the Toronto fan expo two years ago. He was extremely humble, even when i got him to sign an issue Cosmic Odyssey, which i know he hates.

    But anyway, just really love the new design here, you should have carried it over to the class page as well. did you design it yourself?

  11. Hi Steve: Thanks for visiting the site and thanks for the good word. I did design it largely myself, starting with the Cutline theme, which you have seen in its un-modified state on the 444 page. (I guess I could have carried the design over there, but I’m not sure how the candelabra-carrying robot fits in with the content of our course.) And yeah, I’m a big Hellboy fan and I like BPRD ok. But my absolute favorite thing Mignola has ever done has to be The Amazing Screw-On Head.

  12. Oh, this is a really snazzy redesign. I have to spend some time upgrading my WordPress install and layout because I’m purely envious of the ways in which a site can be improved!

  13. Ancarett: Thanks! Futzing with layout is fun and addictive, although I must say your site has already got a nice clean look that I admire.

    TC: Oh shucks, it’s an exhibition put on by the magazine Giant Robot – not actually an exhibition of Giant Robots. No, that’s still pretty cool, actually. I used to read Giant Robot when I lived in Boston and was a hipster zine reading Japanese culture semi-otaku. I still have the T-shirts to prove it.

    I must tell you that about every week I bookmark a post of yours I love and mean to comment on: on Japanese TV, or onechan’s questions about technology, or sitting in on colleagues’ classes, and of course the adventures of Sparkychan and Gojochan (though I guess those are Bill Benzon’s). But I’m feckless and easily distracted and never get around to it.

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