1. It’s going to sound hard to believe, but I was reading the 1st edition DMG as recently as last night. I’m probably going to write a more detailed encomium in my LJ sometime tonight.

  2. Damn. First heard about it here, as well. Raise a +2 Potion of Greater Efficacy to Gary!
    Do you think they’ll give him a Viking style burial, with a pyre of his rulebooks beneath him? Or will hooded little geeks gently carry his body off to the catacombs? Or, perhaps, a la King Arthur, he’ll be encased in a crystal coffin, ready to rise again and defend nerdom when called upon?

  3. Gary Gygax caused me to waste more time in high school than any other person, and I never got the chance to thank him …

  4. Well, I failed my saving throw to avoid making a terrible joke.

    Still, it’s a fun, engrossing, and expensive little hobby to have introduced to the world. We’re likely all a little bit richer for having played in the playground he introduced.

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