1. While banning emo seems like a positive step – and might be the final death blow for a trend that for all its associations with suicide, does not seem to want to die – this Russia invokes feelings of the old Russia. who is responsible for determining what constitutes emo or goth? as a heavy metal afficionado, i worry. i’d rather they allowed the music but ban whining, swoopy hair and lyrics about feelings of middle class apathy.

  2. So, what you’re saying is that I can expect an influx in clients from Russia? If Canada follows suit, I guess we’ll be banning pow-wows and traditional Aboriginal dress among youth? This coming from a country that has nightclubs that charge men a cover to be allowed on the street outside when the girls are let out after seeing a male stipshow?


  3. You gotta be kidding… how can somebody made Emo illegal… no way, com’on… it is in the soul of Emo…

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