1. brilliant. Mills rocks. I’m curious about something in your new new, can you define “interwob” and tell me if it’s a word of your invention or if I as a digital historian ought to know what it is? love your blog.

  2. It’s an intentionally clueless attempt to describe the internet.

    I guess when the net exploded in popularity, bringing in millions of clueless new users, hackers and other computer experts started talking about the “interweb”, intentionally and incorrectly conjoining the words web and internet.
    See also “teh interweb”, “the internets”, “the intarnets”, “series of tubes”, and “videofilm.”

    For me the joke is meant to be at my own cluelessness, not anybody else’s. I still find the vastness of the interweb to be confounding and bewildering.

    Misspelling web as wob was, I thought, my own invention, but Google, that great ego-destroying equalizer, finds a couple thousand other uses.

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