1. Hee, hee, hee….

    Man, I keep forgetting that trick: declare something “dead” or “over” and watch the links roll in….. Also, you get a place in the annals of “they were so wrong” which is always fun.

    For extra credit, explain how all those “replacements” for blogging aren’t actually blogging…..

  2. Darn, just when I was gathering momentum, too. Semi-relatedly, I remember you waaay back in ’91 making astute comparisons of email and the CB radio.

  3. Dearest Old is the New New:

    Blogging is old!

    Is this guy kidding? If something isn’t dead, I have no interest in it.

    My favorite nail he tries to drive into blogging’s coffin is “Further, text-based Web sites aren’t where the buzz is anymore.” So, I’m supposed to dash off, seeking the current location of The Buzz? Yeah, that’s always how the best work gets done.

    Also, he seems certain that all blogs are forever flooded with withering insults. In nearly four years of blogging, nobody has ever insulted me. Not once.

    I dunno, Wired dude … maybe it’s you …

    Actually, the main reason I blog is to sharpen my writing skills in preparation for writing a book. A book. Made of paper. Sigh.

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