Perky Canada Has, Um…

Remember that old Onion headline: “Perky Canada Has Own Government, Laws”? Apparently, for the next eight weeks, we don’t!


  1. I’m glad that for the holidays [and for most of January] it’s become semi-dormant. I miss Trudeau, difficult to imagine Harper in a cape.

  2. Okay, please, please explain this to me. American government I understand, more or less. I’m talking to some Canadian friends elseweb but they are techies with little grasp of Canadian government philosophically or historically.

    How does Harper swing this, exactly? What’s the legal/procedural/constitutional premise underlying “Please make my enemies go away for two months and suspend the legal process by which they would remove me from power. Also, I’d like a Pony and some quality time with Jessica Alba.”

    I mean, if Bush wanted to do something like this I reckon he’d at least have to fake up a little terrorist attack or something.

    I’m just trying to understand the mechanism by which this actually happens, without resorting to martial law.

  3. @Len, I’m going to simplify for the sake of brevity, our PM is using the power that would normally suspend parliament after the parliamentary session is over in a fashion which it wasn’t really intended.

    Peroging parliament is normally what happens when our PM speaks to the Governor General, and indicates that the House of Commons is done it’s work for the time being, and is going to take summer vacation, or what have you. Normally the Governor General says “Fine, you’re done”, and everyone goes and has a picnic.

    In this case, he’s asked to end the session early for a non-traditional reason. No one had really done this previously, or had thought that Governor General would actually give permission. It’s sort of a legal hole that’s never been given caulking.

    However, it’s not like this is without disadvantage. In the mean time, the House of Commons may pass no acts. The ministries will continue to be managed, but no new money may be allocated in the form of budgets.

  4. I was going to say, technically it’s not Harper that prorogues Parliament, it’s the Governor-General. She is filled with royal power from the life-giving rays of Earth’s yellow sun/Queen Victoria. Also, a magical mace is involved.

    But Colin/TCP’s answer is better. Thanks, Colin.

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