Martin Luther King Jr. Day

My U.S. history class is (appropriately) discussing the civil rights movement today. In addition to their usual reading, I pulled together a bunch of YouTube clips of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others. You can check them out here. Most of those are probably familiar to anyone reading here, but Eldridge Cleaver is fun to watch, and there’s something surreal about seeing Malcolm X on the ur-Canadian talk show, the CBC’s Front Page Challenge.

I’m also posting this to show off my students, frankly. Scroll down the course website and see how much time and thought they put into their comments on the reading each week. I really am quite proud of them.


Once More With Feeling

Three more days of the Bush presidency! (Though I know I’ll keep writing “the Bush presidency” on my checks until some time around the 2010 midterm election.) L and the Ukelele seem to have somehow scored tickets for the inauguration–I won’t lie to you, my 2-year-old is extremely connected. Me, I’ll watch history being made from Canada, warming myself by writing history of science lectures.

As the Bush presidency goes gently into that good night, I’d like to repost this poster Joey deVilla put up a year or so ago, just so we can all remember everything we are bidding adieu to. In some saner worlds, this would have been the only campaign poster Obama (or hell, John Kerry) ever needed.

No griping about the size, please; that’s what evokes the long delirious slog of the last eight years. I’ll put it behind a cut after inauguration day. Until then: scroll, baby, scroll. Read more