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  1. 1. I had never thought of using burnt cork, I always assumed it was shoe-polish or grease paint.

    2.71828183… What’s really interesting [funny?] about Hee Haw ‘n’ The Grand Ole Opry, is that it’s a _self-mocking_ south. No north required.

    3.14159265… In “No Direction Home,” Bob Dylan reminisces of, as a child, seeing stage shows in Minnesota of [for example] George Washington in blackface. By the mid-70s, Dylan was performing wearing whiteface, partly to emphasize his own minstrelsy, partly to be be invisible [which is confusing as John Lennon and Steve Martin wore white [suits] on stage to be easier seen] in the wakes of both his success as a star of electricity, and his failure as a husband.

    23. In Australia, do they make fun of those living north? To really push the point, whom do those living on the equator make fun of?

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