This news has already gone out on other faster, more annoying social networking platforms, but it needs a mention here as well: this is my son Eli, born on Wednesday.

He is beautiful and awesome. His mother is a rock star. His big sister is giving him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Cigars all round.

[Edit: Comments page fixed. Not that I’m fishing–we’ve already been inundated by good words and well wishes. Thanks, all!]


  1. S and I have talked it over and agree on two things:

    1. Lisa is definitely a rock star.
    2. We will give Eli the benefit of the doubt, at least until we hear more from Yuki on the matter.

    Congratulations to all. Hoping everyone is in and stays in lovely good health.
    Lots of love,

  2. He’s a handsome one, that Prince Floyd. Congrats to you all — I wish you much sleep.

  3. Muchas gracias, everyone.

    Claire: blogging’s too old hat for him; he twitters.

    Adam: two points to you for the joint VanDuzer-Raising Arizona reference.

  4. Ca ne fait rien. Relatedly, last week I snail-mailed you yer copy of the Cheefs Buk, let me know when you get it [when it _arrives_, I care not if you understand it [actually I do, it’s written in some kind of high speech and I need someone to explain it to me]]. Considered withholding it ’til you finished yer book, but I’m not the boss of you, am just a late-80s conduit, or something.

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