1. This reminds me– I was shocked the first time I used Google Earth and saw Groom Dry Lake (Area 51) in there. Guess there must’ve really been something to that Popular Mechanics story a few years ago that the gov’t shut it down… floor me with a feather. I never thought the world’s longest runways would go to waste like that.

  2. The Cherenkov Radiation image is cool, it looks like mid-90s electronica album art. The Playboy Braille Edition initially cracked me up, though I’m glad to know the blind have access to articles like “How to install a quadraphonic sound system in your bachelor pad.”

  3. When I used to live in Las Vegas, I had a friend who bought a used pickup truck from area 51.We used to laugh about how easy it was to find it after work wherever he parked it because it glowed in the dark. Not true (the truck didn’t glow) but indicative of how the neighbors viewed it, and how tolerant they were of environmental issues associated with whatever is going on there.

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