1. “Oh god! The stupid: it’s everywhere! It BUUUUURNS!!!”

    Cargo cult theory … Magic thinking … Are they happy to have me perform surgery on them? … “And then, a miracle happens.”

    It’s so dumb it’s not even worth the bother of fisking it. A prime example of Mumbo-Jumbo Conquering the World (pace Francis Wheen)

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  3. “Take a chance and “wing it;” this is not a sign of ineptness, but rather a sign that you are intelligent and able to rise to a challenge.” This is good stuff. What’s interesting is how different people ride these signs depending on how much they’re actually concerned of how others see them and how they see themselves. “Faking it” and paranoia are linked, or something.

    Almost unrelatedly: “I strongly advise you againt becoming academic philopophers. The temptation to fake thinking amongst them is very great.” – Wittgenstein’s advice to grad students.

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