1. “Starchild. Citizens of the Universe. Recording angels. We have returned to claim the pyramids. Partyin’ on the Mothership.”

  2. Chris: Exactly! “The frenzied incipience of pimpification hath risen to the point of cosmicide. Don’t fake the funk or your nose will grow.””

  3. Chris ‘n’ Rob: “Funk upon a time in the days of the Funkapus, the concept of specially-designed Afronauts capable of funkatizing galaxies was first laid on man-child, but was later repossessed and placed among the secrets of the pyramids until a more positive attitude towards this most sacred phenomenon, Clone Funk, could be acquired. There in these terrestrial projects it would wait along with its coinhabitants of kings and pharoahs like sleeping beauties with a kiss that would release them to multiply in the image of the chosen one: Dr Funkenstein. And funk is its own reward. May I frighten you?”

  4. Alas, the founder of Tama-Re was convicted of child molestation and is in prison. The county sheriff apparently seized the property and leveled the pyramid and other structures. Still, the adjacent counties of Baldwin, Putnam, and Washington are fertile soil for mythical frameworks. They gave birth to Joel Chandler Harris, Elijah Muhammed, Flannery O’Connor, and Alice Walker, all born within 25 miles of Tama-Re’s black pyramid.

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