Once More With Feeling

Three more days of the Bush presidency! (Though I know I’ll keep writing “the Bush presidency” on my checks until some time around the 2010 midterm election.) L and the Ukelele seem to have somehow scored tickets for the inauguration–I won’t lie to you, my 2-year-old is extremely connected. Me, I’ll watch history being made from Canada, warming myself by writing history of science lectures.

As the Bush presidency goes gently into that good night, I’d like to repost this poster Joey deVilla put up a year or so ago, just so we can all remember everything we are bidding adieu to. In some saner worlds, this would have been the only campaign poster Obama (or hell, John Kerry) ever needed.

No griping about the size, please; that’s what evokes the long delirious slog of the last eight years. I’ll put it behind a cut after inauguration day. Until then: scroll, baby, scroll. Read more


I Have Until January 20!

My post about the election received a lot of traffic and I want to thank everyone who linked it hither and yon. It got mentioned at Daily Kos, and “inspired” an 80-comment thread at Crooked Timber. (Oh, and now Metafilter too.) Note scare quotes–some ad hominem attacks aside, the bulk of the discussion there had maybe not so much to do with what I wrote. Which is fine; grateful as I am to Kieran Healy for the post at CT, I think one effect of abridging my post by taking out all the jokes was to make it even more treacly and earnest than I’d intended. The most brutally effective abridging of my piece (and you will hear no argument from me that it didn’t need abridging) was Moacir at Daily Kos, who saw that you could cut out everything except the opening Simpsons quote and still make exactly the same point.

Anyway, I’ve said enough on this subject at this point. Here’s a collage of things I read this past week that made me nod my head and say “yes,” or at least “I hope so.” You may notice that some of these contradict things I wrote last week, and/or each other. What of it? Don’t make me quote Walt Whitman at you again. If nothing else, these are data points for me later on how it felt and what I was thinking the week of November 4, 2008.

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American For A Day

Bart: “Wow. I feel so full of…what’s the opposite of shame?”
Marge: “Pride?”
Bart: “No, not that far from shame.”
Homer: [quavering] “Less shame?”
Bart: [happy] “Yeah…”

Wow. Just wow. Congratulations, America. I feel so full of “less shame,” I can’t tell you. The votes have been counted, the people have spoken, and Malia and Sasha are getting a new puppy. Well done.

But I know Americans and the world woke up this morning with one burning question on their minds: “How, Rob, does this historic election affect you?”

I’m glad you asked, Americans and the world. The answer is: My job just got a lot easier. (Warning: long gushy post with lots of caffeinated generalizations after the jump.)

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