This Day In History

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I don’t normally post much real life personal stuff on this weblog, but this is an event of Great Historical Import: Please meet my daughter Yuki, born yesterday morning and shown here at about 30 minutes of age, looking dubious about the whole proposition. As I might have mentioned on my other weblog and in a whole bunch of emails, she is perfect and healthy and beautiful and awesome and so is her mother.

Do I know you?'

If you’re holding your breath for my reply to Cliopatria’s symposium on transnational history or the sequel to my Superman post (tentatively titled Superman II: What’s the (Anti) Matter With Kansas?*)–not a wise tactic at the best of times given my blogging habits–I’d advise you to take in some air. I have a lot of gazing in awe at this little one to do. (It’s like checking my email, only fulfilling!)

* Yeah, I know that title needs work.


Some Things Coming

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Something Historic This Way Comes: I will be hosting the 23rd edition of the History Carnival here at OitNN on January 15th. (Carnival No. 22 is up at Jonathan Dresner’s Frog In A Well.) If you read (or write!) any interesting history-related blogging between now and January 15, please let me know by commenting or emailing a link (I’m at electromail-way at-way obmacdougall-ray ot-day org-way.) It doesn’t have to be academic-style history or the work of a professional historian–quite the opposite. The guidelines say: “It must be stressed that the Carnival is not just for academics and specialists, that entries certainly don’t have to be heavyweight scholarship. … They may be focused on a historical topic, on the author’s particular research interests or, alternatively, they may be reflections on the particular challenges and rewards of studying, researching and teaching history. Other examples of possible candidates for inclusion could include reviews of history books or web resources, discussions of ‘popular’ histories (films, dramas and documentaries, novels, etc).” A few submissions have already trickled in–thanks for those, keep them coming, and tune in here on the 15th! Read more