I’m shy, but I like to talk — go figure. I invite you to invite me to give a talk or workshop on the histories of information and communication, science and technology, or games and play.

Upcoming/Recent Talks

Here’s what I’m up to soon: (or recently, depending on when I last updated this page)

The Bell Octopus Releasing Its GraspFebruary 26 | Waterloo
The People’s Network: The Telephone and the Fight for “Net Neutrality” 100 Years Ago
University of Waterloo History Speakers Series
1:30-2:30 pm
MacKirdy Reading Room, Hagey Hall 117

The Killer AppMarch 20 | Toronto
The Killer App: How the Cold War Created Video Games and Vice Versa
Western Alumni Toronto Lecture Series
10:00-11:30 am
Toronto Reference Library

Other Talks

Here are some other talks or workshops I’ve given and would be happy to adapt or give again:

  • King Crank: The Last Golden Age of American Pseudoscience and the Next
  • Tecumseh Lies Here: Subversive Commemoration for the War of 1812
  • Playful Historical Thinking: Designing Games and Play for History Education
  • Amish Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality for Educators and Others with No Money; Low Tech and No Tech Augmented Reality; Keeping Augmented Reality Sane and Humane
  • Are Whales Fish? The Tree of Life, the Trial of the Century, and Taxonomy before Darwin